About us

Company ID 405225288, you can check the company’s details on the Georgian company registry website through the link.

The website is only available in the Georgian language.

Company president Vasil Khanishvili.

Address: Vazha Pshavela Avenue, 8

Postal code: 0160

Telephone: +995 322 34 33 33

Working hours: Mo-Fri 10:00 - 19:00 without break. Sat, Sun - closed.

The history of VISO’s founding:

The company was founded in 2017.
Founders: Vasil Khanishvili, Grigoriy Gurbanov, Sergey Popov, Egor Petukhovksiy.
VISO collects the experience and knowledge of all companies and founders.

Company Mrcheveli — Founded in 1996, it is one of the five companies in Georgia accredited to conduct audits.

Founder — Vasil Khanishvili.

Company L.B Invest — founded in 2002, in the past it was one of the largest sellers of controlling and cashier technology in Georgia and controlled 70% of the sales. The VISO office was opened in the former office of this company

Founder — Vasil Khanishvili.

Microfinancing company NovaCredit — founded in 2010. Founder, head of supervisory board - Vasil Khanishvili.

Company CCT — founded in 2011, is a techonological leader in banking services.

The entire development of preprocessing, VISO shop and the seller’s personal account was realised by this company. The founders of the CCT company bring the software to VISO. The company’s solutions operate in 8 countries. The company’s.The company’s largest achievement is the implementation of a project with Russia’s Sberbank.

Founders — Sergey Popov, Egor Petukhovskiy and other partners.

Company PayMob — founded in 2015, is part of the CCT group. Operates in developing business in CIS countries.

Founders — Grigoriy Gurbanov, CCT.

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