The cryptocurrency exchange is integrated with the VISO Wallet and allows users to carry out transactions to carry out transactions to purchase/sell VITO cryptocurrency and exchange it for both fiat money, transferable into Georgian bank accounts, and other cryptocurrencies. The exchange rate varies automatically within a current currency position, depending on how VITO is trading in relation to all currencies.

VITO cryptocurrency can be traded on external exchanges not connected with the VISO environment. VISO holders can independently buy/sell the cryptocurrency from/to other users, setting the exchange rate on their own.

Trade turnover will depend on the volume of cryptocurrency purchase/sale translations. Cryptocurrency purchases by individuals will also be processed via the exchange. The exchange maintains balances within 10% of turnover to enable transactions. Large transactions can take a long time, as making them requires the accumulation of a sufficient sell/purchase turnover.

Major currency pairs:

  1. BTC - VITO
  2. BTC - ETH
  3. BTC - WAVES
  4. ETH - VITO
  5. ETH - WAVES
  7. VITO - GEL (Georgian lari)
  8. VITO - USD (U.S. dollar)
  9. VITO - EUR (euro)

Conversion of other cryptocurrencies into the VISO Wallet balance and associated VISO cards is only possible through conversion into VITO. This ensures VITO turnover in the secondary cryptocurrency market. VITO is thus a link between other cryptocurrencies and VISO services.

Upon receiving VITO, a user can immediately convert them into their VISO Wallet balance denominated in Georgian laris, U.S.dollars, or euros.

Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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