Merchant’s personal account
  • Online viewing of all transactions from all of the merchant’s terminals
  • Convenient filters and reports on the geography, time, size, and type of payment, including terminal number
  • Grouping of transactions by purchase/return/cancellation to simplify reconciliation
  • Convenient for retail outlets of any size, even those with 10,000 terminals at 1,000 points of sale
  • Independent setting of limits and rights for each terminal
  • Centralized management of employees with access to transactions; capability to set different levels of purchase rights, both for limits and for transaction types.
  • Capability to export reports
  • History of cash payments via terminals and purchases from online stores
  • Transactions search by payment details
  • These features do not come with standard solutions by suppliers of processing systems
  • The solution is built around own development
  • Multi-lingual, user-friendly interface as per UX/UI standard

Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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