The VISO Wallet makes possible the connection of other cryptocurrencies— Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves – to pay for services via VISO cards.

The Wallet comes with a capability to store funds in Georgian laris, U.S. dollars, euros, or VITO tokens.

From the Wallet, you can wire funds into bank accounts after completing the authentication.

The VISO Wallet is a protected platform with bank security standards-compliant access. The Wallet comes in the form of a website and a mobile app that enable you to:

  1. View Wallet, cryptocurrency, and bank account balances
  2. View transaction logs
  3. Transfer VITO between users
  4. Sell/purchase VITO using any bank accounts
  5. Buy VITO by exchanging external cryptocurrencies for it
  6. Buy VITO with any payment cards
  7. Pay for services (mobile communications, utility bills and such)
  8. Order bank products (VISO Card Light, VISO Card Virtual, VISO Card HCE, VISO Card Pro)

Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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