• Founding of m4bank company.
  • First project to accept cards through a mobile payment terminal is launched.
  • The largest Russian and foreign banks are among m4bank clients.
  • The EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is founded.
  • Beginning of work on the SMART-terminals and VISO Shop.
  • m4bank operates in 8 countries globally, our terminals are being used by over 80 000 traders, who are clients of more than 20 banks. The monthly turnover at the terminals is over 80 000 000 USD. The world's largest producers of terminal infrastructure are among our partners, such as Ingenico, Spire Payment, Roam Data.
  • EXMO, largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe, with a turnover > 1500 BTC/day
  • Founding of VISO company.
  • Office opening in Georgia.
  • Start Presale.
  • Launch of the VISO project in Georgia (launch of Smart-terminals, VISO Wallet, VISO CardLight), launch of the cryprocurrency exchange in Georgia.
  • Launch of VISO Card Pro/HCR/Virtual, SmartBalance.
  • Launch of VISO in Belarus.
  • Launch of VISO in other countries.
Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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