VITO token exchange rate growth

The appreciation and high turnover of VITO tokens are ensured by the architecture of the VISO payment environment.

VITO tokens are used as a key to gain access to VISO payment cards.

Every new customer wishing to open a VISO card will have to acquire VITO tokens in the market. They will be spent during every card-based transaction, and the customer will have to acquire them continuously.

This type of use provides a basis for the long-term demand for VITO tokens by a broad group of customers.
A distinguishing feature of the VISO Exchange is that it does not allow for converting cryptocurrency directly into a VISO wallet balance.

Every time a purchase is made, a VITO sales/purchase transaction is reflected in the card account.

This technology ensures a sustainably high VITO turnover on exchanges, which is important for VITO holders, as it allows for selling the tokens off more quickly than with demand by private customers alone.

In addition, VISO Company establishes a VITO support fund that supports the VITO exchange rate using lawful methods.
The fund is refilled using commission-based revenues that come from VISO Company’s SMART terminals business.
20% of the commissions are accumulated in the fund. The rest goes towards business development, thus expanding the fund’s economic base.

Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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