Technology readiness

SMART-terminals are certified by the international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.There is an agreement with factories to produce up to 100,000 terminals a month. A registration procedure with Georgia’s tax authorities is underway.

VISO Preprocessing is ready for operation, certified by VISA, MasterCard, AliPay, Samsung pay, Apple pay, AmericanExpress, and others. There are copies of the processing already launched but used in other tasks.

VISO Shop: ready for use; there are running copies in other countries.

Processing for cards: there is a prototype of the technologies that will be used in the work; negotiations with vendors on the delivery of the processing are in progress.

VISO cards: there is a conceptual design, a product line, and tariffs.

VISO Wallet: there is a conceptual design and a description of an operation technology.

VISO cryptocurrency (VITO): a deal has been made with Waves Platform to issue the cryptocurrency; and an internal test has been conducted.

Exchange: ready for business. 

Stage of readiness Conceptual design Prototype Test version Ready for operation
SMART terminals
VISO preprocessing
Card processing
VISO cards
VISO Wallet
VISO (VITO) cryptocurrency
Use VISO to make your cryptocurrency payments from anywhere
The payment ecosystem of VISO provides a full cycle of technologies for receiving and making payments.
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